Market Quality Research Project Workshop “Global Economy In Turmoil” (2012/10/14)

本日、千葉経済大学において当研究プロジェクト Market Quality Research Project 主催のワークショップ『Market Quality Research Project Workshop “Global Economy in Turmoil”』がIEFS Japan,ならびに先端経済理論の国際的共同研究拠点との共催にて開催されています。

Session Speaker Title
#0 Hiroshi Fujiu and Makoto Yano Opening Address
#1 Hiroshi Fujiu
Chiba Keizai University
Two-Sided Transfers from Adult Children of Elderly Persons
#2 Fumio Dei
Kobe University
Discrete Demand Shift Dumping
#3 Jiawei Chen
UC Irvine
How Do Switching Costs Affect Market Concentration and Prices in Network Industries?
#4 James R. Markusen
University of Colorado, Boulder
Per-Capita Income as a Determinant of Cooperative and Non-Cooperative International Trade Policy
#5 Hodaka Morita
Australian School of Business, UNSW
Choice of Product Architecture and Labor Turnover
#6 Rui Ota
Chiba Keizai University
‘Law of Rising Price’ in an Imperfectly Competitive Declining Industry
#7 Makoto Yano
Kyoto University
Price Competition or Price Leadership

千葉経済大学 藤生先生による挨拶および第1セッションopening address by prof fujiu


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